Can I use my CUBE bike on a bicycle trainer?


However, all fully-frames and all carbon frames are excluded. Carbon frames can be strongly damaged by permanently fixing the bike on the bicycle trainer.

With which torque I need to tighten the screws of my CUBE bike?

Here you can find the pdf-file where all relevant torques listed are.


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Can I mount any bottle cage?


CUBE Bikes are approved for bottle cages that can carry bottles of max. 750ml content.

Which headsets are mounted into CUBE bikes?

In the majority of our products, semi-integrated headsets wich Cane Creek ZeroStack™-standard are installed. Our titanium frames are an exception. For those traditional headsets are used. In high-quality road bike and mountain bike carbon frames, integrated headsets are mounted.

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What kind of kickstand can I use for my CUBE Bike?

Universal rear kickstands that are mounted on both the chainstay and seatstay are allowed on all hardtail frames.


  • All fullies
  • All carbon frames

It is important to ensure that a protective rubber is installed between the stand and the frame. Kickstands that are mounted only on the chainstay are not allowed. A long-term damage to the chainstay cannot be excluded.

Can I transport my CUBE bike on the roof rack of my car?

Roof racks, where the bike is fixed on the rear wheel and the fork front end, are unproblematic.

Race bikes with carbon fork front ends are an exception.

In addition, roof racks that fix the bike on the down tube are inappropriate. This may squeeze and damage the tube permanently.

Rear carrier, where the bicycle is fixed on the two wheels and top tube, are usually suitable for aluminum frames. The best way to transport the bike is in the car. This protects against theft and is more gentle to your bike.

Can I mount a child trailer on my CUBE bike?


It is important to ensure that the trailer is mounted by axle-hitch. This works with bikes that have quick-release dropouts. In addition, the maximum allowed system-weight is not to be exceeded. A trailer is a luggage component.


  • All race bikes
  • All carbon frames
  • Fullies with X12 or Maxle floating axle (Sting HPC, Stereo ab 2009, Stereo HPC, alle Fritzz)

In which lever position is the ProPedal platform of my FOX shock enabled?

Pro Pedal

Here you will find the correct setting of the ProPedal feature of your FOX rear shock.


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Can I install a carrier on my CUBE bike?

Basically all CUBE bikes that have a carrier installed initially are, of course, approved for carrier installation. Also aluminum hardtail frames that are ready for mounting a luggage rack are not exempted. The important thing is that fastening points are provided at the dropouts and at the top of the seatstay. Aluminum frames in combination with aluminum seatposts: carriers can also be installed at the seatpost. However, the max. load of 8 kg is not to be exceeded. Carbon seatposts are generally not suitable for such seatpost-carriers, because the clamping can notch the post and cause sudden breakage

Excluded from carrier assembly are all carbon bikes as carbon fullies, carbon hardtails and carbon racing road bikes. The combination carbon frame / aluminum seatpost is also exempted for mounting a seatpost-carrier.

Up to which brake disc diameter is my CUBE bike approved?


All CUBE frames are approved for a brake disc diameter of 160mm.


  • AMS 100: 185mm
  • AMS HPC: 185mm
  • AMS 125: 185mm
  • Sting Super HPC: 185mm
  • Stereo: 185mm
  • Stereo Super HPC: 185mm
  • Fritzz: 185mm
  • Hanzz: 203mm


You will find the approved disk diameters at the respective manufacturers:
Fox Forks
Manitou Forks
Rock Shox

Why is my bike heavier than stated in the catalog?

It is not always possible to realize the exact weight for each bike, size and equipment exactly on the gram. Our figures refer to the smallest frame size without pedals, always .

But even in the same frame size, the weight can be quite different. This is due to a higher incidence of frame material, longer welds, longer brake lines / shift cables / outer casings, etc…

Also attachments can be a reason for weight fluctuations. This includes, particularly the tires.

For each frame size up to 250g – 300g additional weight can add per bike. We always try to publish accurate weight data. To eliminate all variables, you can visit your local dealer and weigh your dream bike in the shop yourself, in order to decide objectively.

Can I use a Rohloff internal gear hub on my CUBE bike?


CUBE frames with a disk brake mounting are approved for the use of Rohloff hubs.

The following needs to be considered:
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What is the maximum tire width I can use on CUBE bike?

Tire width:

All hardtails: 2.25“


  • Flying Circus: 2.4“
  • Aim, Analog, Attention, Acid from 2009: 2.1“

All fullies: 2.25“


  • Stereo/Stereo WLS/Stereo Super HPC: 2.4”
  • Fritzz: 2.4”
  • Hanzz: 2.5“

With this tire widths, the models were tested with the appropriate rims. Schwalbe tires were used (partially the actual tire widths vary between the different manufacturers!)

Can I install forks with more travel as provided in the standard equipment?


The installation of a fork with more travel will void the warranty. The bike geometry will be changed in a negative way, which leads to a different handling of the bike and can damage the frame permanently.
It is also not approved to install double bridge forks into CUBE bikes.


How long do I have guarantee / warranty on my CUBE bike?


Basically we provide the warranty required be statute of 2 years on all items with effect from the date of sale. In addition we extend our services in the event of frame breakage outside the statutory guarantee period as follows:

For all frames and rigid forks from the modell years 2011 and older we guarantee from the date of sale from the dealer:

Aluminium 5 Years Guarantee
Titanium frames 5 Years Guarantee
Carbon, Alu-Carbon 2 Years Guarantee

For all frames and rigid forks of modell year 2012 we guarantee from the date of sale from the dealer:

Aluminium 6 Years Guarantee
Carbon, Alu-Carbon 3 Years Guarantee

If a break occurs during this period (from date of sale), we commit ourselves to replace this article by the same or similar. This service relate only to the frame, fitted components necessary for frame modification (e.g. saddle post, derailleur, handlebar set, shock absorbers …) must be borne by the customer personally.


For the models Fritzz, Hanzz, Two15, for all dirt bikes, and all the frame exchange add on parts are not included into this extended warranty. Here the 2 years limited warranty applies.

We reserve the right to repair defective frames or parts or to replace them with the corresponding update model. The precondition is normal use of the bike in accordance with the manufacturer’s stipulations.

Modification work outside the statutory guarantee period (2 years) is not carried out or refunded by us free of charge.

We therefore request that the customer be acquainted with this stipulation on conclusion of the contract in order to avoid irritation at a later date.

Excluded from the guarantee and warranty are all forms of damage due to improper use or use not in accordance with that designated (e.g. use of a standard frame as a dirt bike, fitting double bridge forks, extension of spring travel, overstressing due to jumps etc.) and all defects due to normal wear and tear. The extended warranty does not apply to the Fritzz, Hanzz, Two15 model, all dirt bikes and carbon frames and all fitted components related to frame changing.

Who can I contact if I have a problem with my CUBE bike?

CUBE Dealer

The first way is always the CUBE shop where you bought the bike. Only the CUBE dealer with which you have signed the purchase agreement is commited to process complaints. Other CUBE dealers can process complaints handlings on a voluntary basis, but are not obliged to.


Where can I buy CUBE bikes?

CUBE Dealers

Only in specialized bicycle stores. Find a CUBE dealer near you.

How do I determine the correct frame size?

  1. Measure your inside leg:

    The step length is the length of the inside of the leg. The best and most accurate measure of your stride length is by using a spirit level and a tape measure. If you have no spirit level to hand a book or similar works as well. Now, position yourself barefoot (!) on a flat surface and clamp the level (or the book) as level as possible between the legs and pull it upwards until it becomes gradually unpleasant. Now measure the distance from the top of the level to the ground. The reading corresponds to your stride length.

  2. Determine the right frame size:

    • For a Road bike: Multiply your inside leg by a factor of 0.665. The value that you get is the theoretical frame height in cm. For a Triathlon bike subduct 3cm of your value.
    • For a Mountain bike: Multiply your inside leg by a factor of 0.226. The value that you get is the theoretical frame height in inches. Multiplied by 2.54, you get the frame height in cm.
    • For trekking bikes: Multiply your inside leg by a factor of 0.66. The value that you get is the theoretical frame height in centimeters. Multiply by 0.259 to get the frame height in inches. With suspension seat posts deduct about 5 cm (or 2 inches) from the theoretical size. If your value is between two offered heights, apply the following rule of thumb: Choose the smaller frame size for sporty driving style. A larger frame results in a more comfortable seating position.
  3. Determine the framesize by your body size:

    Alternatively you can determine your framesize also about your body size. However, the method of the step length is more accurate.

Framesize road bike*:

Body size Framesize
155-165 cm 48-51 cm
165-170 cm 51-53 cm
170-175 cm 53-55 cm
175-180 cm 55-58 cm
180-185 cm 58-61 cm
185-190 cm 61-63 cm
190-195 cm 63-65 cm
195-200 cm 65-… cm

Framesize mountain bike*:

Body size Framesize in inches Framesize in cm
155-165 cm 14-15″ 35-38 cm
165-170 cm 15-16″ 38-41 cm
170-175 cm 16-17″ 41-43 cm
175-180 cm 17-18″ 43-46 cm
180-185 cm 18-19″ 46-48 cm
185-190 cm 19-21″ 48-53 cm
190-195 cm 21-22″ 53-56 cm
195-200 cm 22-23″ 56-58 cm

Framesize trekking bike*:

Body size Framesize
155-165 cm 47-50 cm
165-170 cm 50-52 cm
170-175 cm 52-55 cm
175-180 cm 55-58 cm
180-185 cm 58-61 cm
185-190 cm 61-63 cm
190-195 cm 63-65 cm
195-200 cm 65-… cm

*All the aforesaid values are only guidelines. For questions regarding the right framesize, please contact one of our authorized CUBE dealers.