AMS 100 C:62 RACE 29ER Demo Price R39 999.00

Discreet in black, but untamed. With its elegant Blackline look, the AMS 100 Race might appear rather reserved at first sight. But don’t be fooled. A second glance at the state-of-the-art carbon frame and high quality components reveals a fast marathon bike that will unleash its potential on competitive trail rides..


The superlight and very stiff C:62 carbon frame, dynamic Agile Ride Geometry, efficient 100mm travel from the AMS chainstays – and various other details – all demonstrate that this bike is a racer for keen riders looking for all-out performance. In order to keep the suspension characteristics – which we’ve tuned specifically for marathon and XC – identical across all frame sizes, each size has its own unique carbon rocker and specially positioned pivot points. This is a frame for fast perfectionists who value understated looks. Another plus: for frame sizes of 19 inch and over, there’s room for a second water bottle


Race full susser or fast trail bike? Both! Rock Shox running gear in “Fast Black” integrates brilliantly, in terms of both looks and function, into the AMS 100 C:62 Race. The handlebar lockout is perfect for keeping the Rock Shox Reba RL under control in flat-out sprints, while the 3-stage Monarch RT3 shock handles the rear end. It’s not just about control and traction on technical trails – it’s also about added comfort. Shimano’s XT groupset has always been the benchmark for durability, performance and versatility; the new 2×11 XT with its giant gear range, courtesy of its 11-40 cassette, improves the breed even more. The new XT disk brakes set a reference point for power and control, while the Fulcrum Red 66 system wheels offer a perfectly balanced weight/stiffness ratio

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